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Fox Slowly Developing a Link Between Barack Obama and Hamas

Reported by Melanie - April 21, 2008 -

Roughly 25 minutes into Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (April 21, 2008), Fox aired a segment about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas. The reporter interviewed Carter and toward the end, asked him if he would be willing to meet with the Taliban as well (he said no), and if he is going to endorse Barack Obama (love how they draw these sinister parallels). He said no, not now, but his kids and grandkids are all supporting him.

With video.

Immediately after that segment Cavuto turned to one he promoted a few minutes earlier with this language: "And, Barack Obama getting testy? I want you to hear his response today as he was asked about Jimmy Carter's meeting with Hamas. It was very, very, let's say, um, itchy." (Who uses the word "itchy" in that context? No one. If you ask me, Cavuto hoped his audience would hear the word bitchy.)

Anyway, after the Carter segment, Cavuto appeared over a chyron that read: "Obama Quizzed About Carter Visit During Diner Stop," and made this introduction: "In the meantime, Barack Obama asked today about that Carter visit during a campaign stop at Glider's Diner in Scrantle [sic], Pennsylvania. He might have gotten a little testy. Have a look."

With that, Fox went to video (below) of Obama sitting at a counter buttering a waffle on the plate in front of him. As he proceeded to cut into it, a reporter asked (it was almost inaudible), "Did you hear about Jimmy Carter's trip?" and then something about "Hamas."

A very patient, smiling Obama said, "Why is it that I can' just eat my waffle? I'm just eating my waffle right now."

He wasn't "itchy" or bitchy" or "testy." See for yourself.

To be fair, after the clip, Cavuto said, "I don't think that's testy. He just wants his waffle. I'd probably be the same way. Don't mess with me when I'm eating."

Comment: Neil Cavuto is the "managing editor of business news" at the Fox News network. One would presume that the buck stops with him when it comes to Fox's "business news" content, certainly on his own show. So though Cavuto joked at the end, it was no accident that he set this segment up and aired it as he did.

On April 14, Cavuto aired a segment captioned, "Carter's Support for Obama Could Ruin Obama Campaign." Fox is trying to portray Carter as being in bed with terrorists (as they're slowly doing with Obama) and if Carter endorses Obama, the deal is done. Last week's segment and the one today are but stones being laid toward that end. Obama is "testy" and "itchy" when "quizzed" (it was one question folks) about Carter and Hamas. Heaven forbid: What is he hiding?! This is how Fox paints pictures of people it doesn't like (it takes time but they're patient) and Fox is clearly painting a picture of both Carter and Obama — more guilt by association — that it will undoubtedly develop further and use in the weeks and month to come. Who knows, if Obama gets the nomination and if Fox has its way, come mid-October, Obama might be a member of Hamas.