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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Commercial For John McCain

Reported by Donna - April 21, 2008 -

Did you ever notice that Fox has more 'Fox Exclusive Interviews' one on one with more Republicans than Democrats? This morning they had one with California Governor, Arnold Schwarzennegger, who gave a glowing report on John McCain.

Fox and Friends said that it was the third part of the exclusive interview (with Brian Kilmeade) and asked the Governor what president he most looked up to. Of course Arnold said President Reagan. He said he was inspirational and compromised with the other side, that he wanted to bring together both sides.

Kilmeade tried to see what went on behind the Maria Shriver marriage with her coming out for Barack Obama. The Governor would say nothing except he was proud of her and she gave a good speech.

When it came to John McCain the Governor insisted that McCain could win California and he didn't want it to turn into a commercial for McCain but he endorsed him and thought he would do a fine job as president. He said he was stable character, open minded and inclusive. (Comment: I have yet to see this attributes)

Kilmeade asked him if he thought or being Senator because one would be opening up (of course a Democrat is in that spot) and the Governor said no. He said he turned his back on $30 for Terminator 4 and people have to remember that.

Comment: What would have been fair was to have Maria Shriver on to talk about her support and speech for for Barack Obama. I'm sure Fox plans that for the future . But on Fox they stick with the Republicans and we have to hear the name of Ronald Reagan mentioned alongside John McCains.

But as we all know - all Republicans don't think of life public service where money is concerned. The money is big and that is what the Governor is looking forward to.