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News Hounds: The Song

Reported by Ellen - April 20, 2008 -

Check out this song whose real title is Damage Control. Our friend, GT, wrote it as part of his effort to expose FOX News. It features Sean Hannity, Hal Turner, and Bill O'Reilly, among others. I'm even mentioned in it. GT is hoping to make an LP highlighting the distortions of FOX News and is seeking input from readers. You can read his message and find an email link after the jump.

Message From the Artist:

I felt it necessary to throw a song out there explicitly pointing out the hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed "intellectually honest" Sean Hannity. He and his propoganda machine at FOX News have made it their mission statement to mis-inform the American public. Being that we should all have a voice, I will continue to use mine and also indulge in reading NewsHounds for a positive counterbalance (i.e. = the truth).

I'm an Emcee out of Troy, NY who goes by the alias "GT." The song I'd like for you to enjoy is here: www.myspace.com/gtpromo . It's called "Damage Control" and it was intended to point out Mr. Hannity's "backtracking" after he caught wind of Hal Turner's secret tapes. In this song, you will hear Sean in his own words blatantly contradicting himself (enjoy).

What you can do, to get your voice heard: I plan to make a seven or eight track LP pointing out the misinformations and corruption of the FOX News network. In order to do so, I need to flood myself with instances of this misinformation and as many examples as possible. Please message me via MySpace, or email entice71181@yahoo.com to provide me with all the dirt you've happen to come across. (For example, on Sean's show recently Ann Coulter made a Freudian-slip in saying that FOX "gets on her back" when revealing facts that favor Hillary Clinton).

50-Cent has entire 20-track mix-tapes ripping on Ja-Rule, Fat Joe, Jada Kiss, etc. Eminem has entire tracks dedicated to blasting Benzino, his wife, etc. Well, this is where Rap comes back to being political and I hope to remain focused.

Thanks, GT!