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Laura Ingraham Forgives Bill Maher But Won't Forget

Reported by Deborah - April 20, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly lucked out when Bill Maher criticized the Catholic Church and the Pope last week giving BOR a focus for his never ending outrage. Earlier in the week, Chrish posted, he had a fit over Bill Maher's comments and on Friday 4/18/08, he asked Laura Ingraham for her take on Maher and Joy Behar who made some comments on The View.

O'Reilly asked Ingraham if she has been praying for Maher making a reference to her recent statement about praying for David Brock and Media Matters. At the time both were under the assumption that Bill Maher planned to apologize for his comments on his show this weekend making them a little more generous to Maher.

Ingraham stressed Maher's right to say what he pleased and her right to criticize him in turn. She noted as a Christian, " We forgive but we don't forget". Then she claimed that Maher, "Bows down at the alter of Hugh Hefner."

BOR tried to get her worked up over Joy Behar's very mild comments about the Catholic Church but it didn't work. Ingraham defended Behar saying she was raised as a Catholic and was supposed to be funny adding that Behar had her " screaming laughing". She quickly added that Behar "should have known better.'

We haven't heard the end to this Maher stuff since he offered only a partial apology on his show this weekend retracting his comment about the Pope being a Nazi while letting his other comments about the pedophile scandals stand.

O'Reilly will most likely keep his outrage flowing next week despite the fact that he also was extremely critical of the Pope on this issue in his weekly column., The Pope and Me

O'Reilly like Maher was not satisfied with Vatican response to the pedophilia scandal.

"Like millions of American catholics, I was deeply disappointed by the Vatican's response to the priest pedophilia scandal. The fact that the late Pope John Paul II actually rewarded Bernard Cardinal Law, who covered up massive crimes by New England priests, with a cushy job in Rome was almost inexcusable."

It's interesting but to note that O'Reilly didn't discuss his weekly column with Ingraham because it might have diluted the anger he was trying to arouse in his viewers. Although BOR might have been offended by Maher's delivery of the criticism, he obviously understood why Maher was angered by the pedophilia scandal.