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Schwarzenegger tells FOX audience global warming deniers are protecting business

Reported by Chrish - April 19, 2008 -

How do you get Republicans to believe that global climate change is a crisis? Let them hear it from another Republican. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger not only acknowledges the crisis but talks about plans and government responsibility in finding ways to stop it. Brian Kilmeade, in interviewing him, inadvertantly admitted that FOX routinely hosts skeptics and deniers.
With video.

We've covered FOX's disdain for environmental protection and pollution regulation since our inception in 2004. When Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth movie came out the derision went into overdrive, and as the message has spread and taken on increasing urgency as scientists discover that things are happening at ever-increasing speed, FOX has brought on more guests who either deny it's happening at all, say it's not a crisis, or claim that it's natural. Kilmeade revealed that bias in his question to Schwarzenegger, who swiftly put the deniers in their place.

Bravo, Arnold. I don't care what it takes to get these fools on board, but it's very telling that his party affiliation has some bearing on whether or not he's deemed credible.