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Unbelievable. O'Reilly STILL harping on Wright; calls HIM race-baiter

Reported by Chrish - April 18, 2008 -

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Bill O'Reilly devoted his Talking Points Memo tonight 4/17/08 - if I'm not mistaken, this is at least the tenth TPM in a month - to bashing Jeremiah Wright, and by extension, Barack Obama. Deborah noted that he also spent a segment with a guest complaining that Wright was getting such a large, grand home in such a white, wealthy neighborhood.

O'Reilly started the Memo saying that farleft loons were complaining about the asinine line of questioning in last night's debate. Like his colleagues on FOX and Friends, O'Reilly thought the questions were "tough" and only wished they had hammered Clinton as enthusiastically. He pronounced the questions legit and said Obama has to answer them (which he has, repeatedly and clearly, since these sideshows were first presented as "news" five weeks ago).

O'Reilly announced that it's not Ayers or "Obama's alleged condescending attitude toward gun owners and church-goers" that is Obama's biggest problem; by far, it is Wright (continually identified as ObamaSpiritualAdvisor so that eventually it rolls off the tongue by itself).

O'Reilly is still in high dudgeon that Wright is moving into a home twice as big as his, and insuated that Wright will have access to a $10 million line of credit attached to the home, especially stunning because Wright is a major race-baiter.

(O'Reilly wants to shut down discussions of poverty and/or race, at least from the perspective of black people, to preserve his white Christian male power structure - we already know that. One of his tactics now is to accuse black people discussing these issues, even amongst themselves, as race-baiters. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton meet his criteria too.)

He made snide remarks about Wright moving into a rich, white neighborhood and gratuitously brought up Barack Obama's donations to his church last year ($26,000; $500/week). O'Reilly claims he has no problem with that but the folks can make the call. Wright is making big money being a "race-baiter," and that's Obama's biggest problem.

"Believe me, we're gonna hear about that until November."

Laugh, cry, maybe scream? And this guy has the nerve to call David Brock a despicable, vile, vicious smear merchant (for posting transcripts!) More projection from the biggest character assassin on teevee.