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Two masters of spin and manipulation: Rove and O'Reilly continue the Obama smears

Reported by Chrish - April 18, 2008 -

Karl Rove, a frequent guest on the O'Reilly Factor since he left the White House to "spend more time with his family," reinforced the talking points O'Reilly laid out in his Memo segment last night 4/17/08. O'Reilly played straight man to Rove's right-wing strategist, O'Reilly acknowledging that he doesn't wear a lapel pin either (nor do McCain or Clinton!) and the Ayers connection was just an example of a politics - but they're farleft liberal politics.
With video.

Essentially, boiling the rather lengthy segment down to bare essentials, Rove would make a big deal out of each puzzle-piece - the lapel pin indicated a superiority on Obama's part (elitism) and by his comments Obama implied that people who do wear them are not really patriotic, just making an easy empty gesture.

The Ayers connection is a big deal because it speaks to character. Obama's comparison of Ayers to a Congressman who wants the death penalty for abortion providers blows Rove's mind - Ayers operated outside the law and caused physical harm, while this Representative wants to use the law and proper procedures. Where's the comaprison? (Umm, the outcome. One is acceptably cloaked in civility, but he still wants to kill people with whom he has differences.) It speaks to political opportunism and is another example of just how farleft Obama is; he was "comfortable hanging around William Ayers."

O'Reilly's favorite issue, Jeremiah Wright, speaks again to character and judgment. SSDD. Obama's "bitter" remarks prove him to be an elitist, out of touch with people. Tie these four recent "news" items together and you get a picture of the real Obama: "They sort of reinforce this same view of this very far left-wing elitist who's some got views that are really out of touch with ordinary Americans."

The master has spoken. Follow this up with a segment with Dick Morris to bash Hillary Clinton, and BAM! fair and balanced, FOX-style.