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FOX Twit-bits

Reported by Chrish - April 18, 2008 -

Even after all the outrage and complaints over the inane line of questions posed to presidential candidates Clinton and Obama on ABC Wednesday night, this morning 4/18/08 FOX Friends Brian Kilmeade and Alisyn Camerota still defended the debate as giving Americans what they want. How do they know? Ratings, that be-all and end-all.
With video.

Because the debate ate into FOX's golden cow American Idol, and the ratings stayed steady throughout the "entire hour" (that was competing with AI, presumably, as the debate was two hours) Kilmeade and Camerota concluded that viewers liked the format and liked the line of questioning.

Camerota referred to Obama's complaint yesterday that moderators didn't get to matters of importance until 45 minutes in, but rebutted the absent Senator, saying with a knowing smile that those topics don't seem to be what Americans really care about it.

Kilmeade added that Democrats really seem desperate to give the nomination to Obama, and it's causing great anger towards fellow Democrats like George Stephanopolous, "who's working hard to get Hillary Clinton, excuse me, Bill Clinton elected, remember him in the War Room in 1992." They showed a clip of Stephanopolous saying that Clinton was going to focus on jobs and the economy; the American people don't want to be diverted by side issues.

Kilmeade, introducing a video clip of Obama, said a lot of people were still not satisfied with his answers regarding Ayers and Wright, leaving the door open for FOX to continue to harp on the side issues. Camerota reaffirmed that notion, claiming that these have to be brought up at debates to get a firm answer, as Hillary Clinton "finally admitted" about the Bosnia exaggeration. (never mind that she has repeatedly admitted to misspeaking over the last three weeks.)

Of course there was nobody there to argue about the appropriateness or usefulness of the questions, or the dismal state of news and journalism.

It's all about ratings, so we're reduced to gossip, stalker producers, sensationalism, the Kevin Bacon game, and lame gotcha moments. So sad. How can we simultaneously crow about being the greatest nation while our politics and news are in the gutter?

Jon Stewart, as usual, nails it: