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Millionaire, New Yorker and Private-Jet Hannity Once Again Lashes Out At City “Elites”

Reported by Ellen - April 17, 2008 -

Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Vilsack visited Hannity & Colmes last night (4/16/08) to help further the Republican attacks against Barack Obama. Vilsack was so intent on “promoting” Clinton that he got into bed with Sean Hannity, advanced the Republican talking points against Obama and overlooked Hannity’s distortions and misrepresentations in the process. Vilsack also didn’t seem to find any irony or hypocrisy when Hannity, a native Long Islander who is reportedly purchasing a $10.5 million mansion, also in Long Island, and whose speaking fee includes travel by private jet, accused Obama of being a “city elite.” With video.

Alan Colmes is also a Clinton supporter but he managed to take the high road Vilsack deliberately avoided. In an attempt to steer the conversation toward a more positive-for-Democrats, anti-Republican vein, Colmes said, “What (Obama) was really talking about, though, and then he actually clarified it at the debate tonight, is that too often wedge issues are used. Religion sometimes used as a wedge issue, guns used as a wedge issue to avoid talking about the things that Americans truly, are truly affected by, whether it’s the economy, whether it’s health care, and the war that’s taking money out of our treasury every single second of every single day and that’s not being focused upon here.”

Vilsack responded, “Alan, that’s what he said when the cameras were rolling. I think what’s more important is what he said when the cameras weren’t rolling and I think it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances and no amount of explaining done in the debate today I think is going to make up for the concern that many people in small towns all across America feel about Senator Obama. He has a lot of work to do to make up ground.” (Comment: Not this small town gal. As a matter of fact, my area is so rural I don’t even live in a town at all.)

Hannity didn’t mention the fact that he had coached debate co-moderator George Stephanopoulos but Hannity was clearly pleased as punch over his influence. With bullyboy braggadocio, Hannity repeatedly distorted the facts about Obama and Ayers. Hannity first said, “I’ve got to give George Stephanopoulos a lot of credit… Here, Barack Obama sat on a board for years, has given speeches with and says he has a friendly relationship with (former Weather Underground member and now upstanding citizen, William Ayers).

With hammy Hanctimoney, Hannity added, “How can you be president and be friendly with a terrorist?"

Hannity knows full well he was misrepresenting the relationship. Obama never said he was friendly with Ayers. As Hannity, himself, recently said, a spokesman for Obama said he had “a friendly relationship” with Ayers. Hannity has also admitted he only knows of two speeches Obama and Ayers gave together.

Politico reported, “There’s no evidence their relationship is more than the casual friendship of two men who occupy overlapping Chicago political circles and who served together on the board of a Chicago foundation.”

Furthermore, Ayers’ so-called terrorist activities occurred about 40 years ago, when Obama was a child. Ayers is now a professor at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Unfortunately, Vilsack showed no interest in insuring the viability of our media or democracy. He did not seem to know or care that Hannity had just lied in order to smear Obama. Even if Vilsack did not know the particulars, he should have enough of a bullshit detector so that Hannity’s statement, Obama is “friendly with a terrorist,” raised a red flag.

Instead, Vilsack merely said, “I think all this points out why this campaign needs to continue.”

With extra flourish, private-jet Hannity melodramatically continued, “(Small town and rural residents) are the heart and soul of what makes this country great. And that’s what I find so insulting, being said arrogantly in a mansion in San Francisco with a bunch of elites."

Thanks, Hannity, for the compliment as, by your own definition, I am clearly more a part of "what makes this country great" than you are.