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FOX Ridules Growing Ecological Anxiety

Reported by Deborah - April 17, 2008 -

Although the Fox News website is peppered with Go-Green links, FOX prefers to promote the idea that the planet is doing just fine. Sure we can buy a few light bulbs, recycle our trash, or wear bamboo tee shirts if that makes us happy but generally environmental responsibility is not taken seriously at all. Today an article,"Is Going Green Making You Crazy?" appeared in their health section illustrating this FNC philosophy.

The article written for FOX by Julie Kirtz Garrett, opens focusing on one woman's eco-anxiety stressing her extreme reactions to eco issues and her obsessive behaviors.

" I had so much pathos. It's so sad," says Edwards, who moved from California's crowded Santa Monica to a secluded cabin in Los Padres National Forest to help her cope. Now, she says: "We only drive to the grocery store every three weeks. We have our own source of water. We compost and no longer heat every room on the first floor."

Garrett brings in a voice of reason, FOX style, to assure readers that the environmental concerns are nuts.

"But not all psyches. John Berlau, author of "Eco-Freaks: Environmentalism Is Hazardous to Your Health," said eco-anxious people need to get a life and get the facts about the environment before freaking out."

Then Garrett points a finger at Eco-therapy which addresses some of the obsessive/ compulsive behaviors triggered by environmental anxiety. Instead of approaching this as an interesting development in the psychology field, Garrett continues to paint everyone involved as either nuts or money grubbing con artists with the exception of John Berlau.

comment: It's not difficult to see Garrett's allegiance to the FOX point of view especially since she's married to Major Garrett.