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FOX host indignant separation of church and state enforced

Reported by Chrish - April 17, 2008 -

This morning 4/17/08 Ainsley Earhardt sat in on FOX and Friends First and contributed to a report about a town in Louisiana, which has been ordered to remove a picture of Jesus from its courthouse. Although they tried to camouflage it with pictures of "other historical figures," including Napoleon, the higher court was not fooled.

Earhardt read several news snippets she had handy - a teacher is in "trouble" for refusing to remove a Bible from his classroom desk (presumably in a public school) and another teacher/coach is not allowed to pray with his team before a game - to create the illusion of an anti-religion environment sweeping America. Indignantly she asked, "what is so wrong with prayer? Why are these people who say that they're atheists or they're not for religion - if God is not powerful, then why do they care?" ... "If they're not faithful, why does God burn you up so much?"

Doocy was the straight man in this segment, announcing that the picture had to come down because it was un-Constitutional.

We've seen this so many times on FOX - rather than reporting we get an emotional (indignant outraged angry fearmongering righteous) tirade from an offended personality. A legitimate legal order given by an American court is portrayed as an agenda-driven hostile action, and the country is portrayed as neatly divided into two camps: atheists and anti-religionists, and persecuted victims.

These are precisely the types of wedge issues Obama was addressing in his San Francisco remarks - people are angry, anxious, stressed, and can't put their finger on exactly why. FOX and the rest of conservative media are all too happy to help them find a target that works for them. Helpess about the war in Iraq and unsure what we should do? Head exploding over the falling dollar, mortgage crisis and all the ramifications? Uneasy about filling up your SUV, knowing the icecaps are melting? Here's a list of things to get pissed off about, things you can vote for/against, that make you feel like you're in some kind of control over the world you live in, and that conveniently give you a closer target for your rage than the White House. Who are the demons? The ACLU, the gun-control advocates, the abortion rights supporters, and people who don't wear flag pins.

Way to misdirect Ainsley. They might make her a regular.