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FOX Friends think the debate on ABC was just great

Reported by Chrish - April 17, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First was even more vapid and silly than usual this morning 4/17/08, with Ainsley Earhardt taking center cushion. She and Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade talked some about the debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton last night on ABC, saying frontrunner Obama got "hard" questions, "they grilled him," and declared "it's about time!"

Earhardt said these are the kinds of questions the American people want asked, about the bitter comment, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, why he doesn't wear a flag lapel pin....

In a twilight zone moment, Brian Kilmeade sounded like the grown-up and asked what about the good questions? What about the mortgage crisis, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? It seemed to him like a gossip column, the Page Six of debates. Doocy accused him of parroting the Huffington Post, Kilmeade reverted to dumb ("I don't like parrots")

Earhardt was very enthused about the debate, repeating that the moderators did a great job, asking tough questions that Americans think are important - "those are character issues." Doocy said people - small town people like himself - were hurt by the bitter remarks, and Kilmeade replied that polls show they're not, they don't care, at least in Pennsylvania. Since Clinton was perceived to have gotten an easier time of it last night, the Friends added that according to a Washington Post/ABC poll, Clinton is viewed as better prepared but Obama is better liked. Kilmeade added another negative for Clinton, noting that 58% in that poll found her untrustworthy, Doocy commented that she's in it to the end, and the segment ended.

Something for everyone! Obama has character issues, Clinton is untrustworthy.

As Ellen has noted, it appears ABC moderator George Stephanopolous got some talking points coaching from Sean Hannity. Other reports of the debate called it the "Worst. Debate. Ever.", a "A Shameful Night for the U.S. Media," "the most embarrassing performance by the media in a major presidential debate in years"
, and "another step downward for network news." But at FOX, lowered debate is the goal, so it was good.