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Cavuto - We Vote for Candidates Based on Gaffes

Reported by Melanie - April 17, 2008 -

One of the segments Neil Cavuto aired today (April 17, 2008) was captioned, "Forget the Gaffes and Focus on the Issues; Is Obama Right?" It was a discussion — such as "discussions" are on Fox — about what Barack Obama said last night during the appalling ABC News debate about how our discourse should concentrate on substantive issues rather than focusing on a word here or a word there.

Cavuto's guests were Mark Lamont Hill, a college professor who is a Democrat, and Andrea Tanteros, a Republican strategist. The gist of what Hill said was that it's "Really important for us to get beyond gaffes;" report them, but "let's not talk about it for three weeks."

The gist of Tantero's argument was that if, "he's running for president...it's fair game."

But, again, after the awful ABC debate last night that for all intents and purposes avoided all the incredibly serious issues facing our country and concentrated on rumor, innuendo and "gaffes," Cavuto, who obviously doesn't get it, made the money quote: "Gaffes are gaffes and this is what decides races, right?"

Comment: That about says it all about our "news" media doesn't it? Gaffes decide our elections — not discussions about the issues and how one candidate or another plans to deal with them but — gaffes. I don't think most of us would have it that way, but they would, so that's where we are. Airheads like Cavuto (and Gibson and Stephanopoulos) are in charge.