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Bill O'Reilly Insists Jeremiah Wright's New House Is Big Story

Reported by Deborah - April 17, 2008 -

O'Reilly has been playing up Rev. Jeremiah Wright's new house claiming its big news that the media is ignoring. He's especially outraged that Wright's house is in a predominantly white Chicago suburb with "no ghetto in sight". Tonight he had Jeff Goldblatt on The Factor to rehash the whole deal after calling Wright a race baiter.

O'Reilly asked Goldblatt if the house is big news in Chicago and Goldblatt admitted that nobody is covering it in Chicago or elsewhere in the country. O'Reilly came off like the media is ignoring it because they support Obama and not because it's a non story.

A clip was shown of a Wright sermon where he talked about lack of understanding from the white community and then the aerial view of the new house was again shown. Goldblatt emphasized it's size claiming it filled up the entire shot from the air.

Goldblatt said he had trouble getting a statement from Wright's church. ( what were they supposed to say?) He told BOR he was forced to go to an Easter Sunday service to get a response and was finally given a statement saying it's standard practice to give retiring pastors a home. Goldblatt quipped that other pastors were lucky to get a " plaque and a timex watch."

BOR wanted some info about Tinley, the suburb where it's being built. Goldblatt noted that it was 93% white and 2% black. Both were suggesting that the Reverend shouldn't live there because it's predominantly white. Goldblatt complained that he would be living with the people "he railed against."

The 10 million dollar credit line was brought up by Bill although during the last segment with Amanda Carpenter, she corrected him saying it was 1.6 million. BOR wondered if hypothetically Wright could just write checks whenever he wanted from the credit line. Goldblatt joined in the speculation and both thought it was possible.

O'Reilly made sure to tell viewers that Obama gave the church $26,000 last year adding that it didn't bother him. ( He was probably hoping it would bother his viewers or he wouldn't have mentioned it.)

comment: There's still no story here. Jeremiah Wright can live anywhere he pleases. The racial stats of his neighborhood or who paid for his house are none of our business and have nothing to do with Barack Obama.