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O'Reilly scolds Bob Johnson for "keeping dopey controversey alive"

Reported by Chrish - April 16, 2008 -

Just a quickie: last night's childish "Pinhead" award from Bill "we don't namecall" O'Reilly:

"On the pinhead front, billionaire businessman and Clinton supporter Bob Johnson says Geraldine Ferraro is right, and race is propelling Barack Obama. Be that as it may, for keeping this dopey controversy alive, Mr. Johnson is a pinhead this evening."

Johnson made his remarks in an interview with The Charlotte Observer, circulation: 215,379 daily, 270,347 Sunday. How is answering a question for a small local newspaper "keeping this 'dopey' controversey alive"? Note how O'Reilly makes himself the arbiter of which controversies are dopey or deserve to be kept alive.

As he said to Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on Monday,, O'Reilly "parsed" Jeremiah Wright's comments, or rather, soundbites taken out of context, for three weeks. He shouldn't talk about keeping dopey controversies alive, the hypocrite.