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Doocy - Like Father Like Son, Finds A Way To Put Hillary Down

Reported by Donna - April 16, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends we had a bit of cronyism with Steve Doocy pumping his chest out and saying how his son had stumped John McCain on the campaign trail yesterday. Peter Doocy attends Villanova where John McCain was speaking, then they had a question and answer session.

He did stump McCain but it was more a diss of Hillary Clinton than anything else.

The banner read,

'Doocy's Playin' Hardball, But Its Not Steve.. .Its His Son!

Now, Peter Doocy looks a lot like his father except for a strange bowl cut haircut that could get him a tryout for one of the Nerds movies. Steve Doocy bragged that his son was a political science major and he was picked to ask one of the questions (after being screened).

Peter Doocy was supposed to ask a question that compared Barack Obama with John McCain and Steve Doocy said, "Peter did just that." (Comment: No, he didn't, he injected Hillary Clinton into the question) Steve Doocy said proudly, "He was on TV!"

The question Peter Doocy asked McCain was, " Hi Senator McCain, my name is Peter Doocy, I'm a Junior here and I'm sure you saw one of your Democratic opponents, Hillary Clinton, recently drinking whiskey shots with some potential voters. Now, I was wondering (Switch to video of McCain laughing) if you think she has finally resorted to hitting the sauce (Comment: laughter in background) just because of some unfavorable polling and I was wondering if you'd care to join me for a shot?" (Laughter and applause followed from the college crowd)

The banner read:

Shootin' With A Senator, Peter Invites McCain For Shots

McCain said, "I did not see the clip of it but I certainly heard about it and ...um...whatever makes Senator Clinton happy is...(laughter)...is...(laughter)...is certainly...uh...certainly...uh what she...uh...eh... You know, I've had two of the best questions, or the toughest questions in the last two questions."

The banner read:

Peters Question To McCain, Asks About Hard-Drinkin' Hil (Comment: Does it get anymore unprofessional?)

Steve Doocy was all pumped up and bragged that it was number one on the Drudge Report.

Comment: That question didn't compare Barack Obama with John McCain, it was a specific jab at Hillary Clinton and notice the nice banners that Fox ran while playing this horrific, partisan, unprofessional clip. When he said she has "Finally resorted to hitting the sauce", I couldn't help thinking how unprofessional and why doesn't someone fair and balance this out with Bush's 20 years of alcoholism? She's an adult woman and can have a drink when she wants to.

In addition, can't McCain speak? Does he have Bush speaking disease? He couldn't answer a ridiculous question from a college student, what's he going to do when that 3 a.m. call comes through?