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Barack Obama Goes From Potential Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama, Educated in Madrassas, to an Effete, Ivy League Guy Educated in Private Schools

Reported by Melanie - April 16, 2008 -

On Fox, it depends which way the wind is blowing as to how their pundits portray Barack Obama. Remember when he might have been an undercover terrorist named Hussein who went to madrassas and geez, who knew what his real intentions were? Well, fast forward to today (April 16, 2008) and the folks at Fox have flip flopped 180 degrees. Now they're trying to brand him as a "cool" (not in a good way) elitist. There's no end to how low these so called "experts" will go.

Case in point? Radio talk show host Monica Crowley, who makes regular weekly appearances on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Crowley was on today to discuss (per the chyron), "Obama Using Poor Upbringing to Fend off 'Elitist' Label."

Cavuto introduced she and co-guest Nancy Skinner, a Democratic radio talk show host with, "Well, Senator Obama leaning on his poor upbringing to fight his elitist label that won't go away. Is it going to work?" (Gee. I wonder why it won't go away Neil. You think it might be because you guys have been running with it 24/7 since last Friday?)

With that Crowley went first and said,

Just because somebody comes from a modest background doesn't mean they can't evolve into an elitist. And let's keep in mind that Barack Obama went through private schools in Indonesia and other parts of the world and then he went through the Ivy League so when he refers to his humble beginnings or he refers to food stamps and the family being on food stamps for a period of time, well, that is certainly part of his background but that's not entirely who the man is today. It's not about elitism per se Neil, it's about a candidate's ability to connect with regular people and I think this is what's blocking him from really accomplishing that and comments like this [the audience was never informed what "the comments like this" was] certainly make it worse.

Later, Crowley said Hillary Clinton "does have a point," in that "every time" Democrats "nominate somebody who's sort of a cool, academic, effete kind of guy who has this cool touch about him," like Dukakis, Gore, Humphrey and Adlai Stevenson, "they lose." (Yo, Monica. John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton come to mind.) This is especially true this year because John McCain "actually is a man of the people" and Democrats had better nominate someone "who is perceived as one of them if you're going to have any hope of winning the election."

Comment: This is crazy! The image of that turban-wearing, madrassa-educated, Hussein guy didn't go anywhere so now the Republicans are trying to paint someone who is the epitome of the American dream — a black child from a fatherless home who lived on food stamps for a time, was educated in our public school system (in big-city Chicago no less), put himself through college on student loans — as a gayish, snooty, arrogant Ivy Leaguer. (Paint that picture for me and all I can think of is Mr. 28%, George Bush.) What will he be next? Depends on which way the wind is blowing. Oh, and by the way, where does Crowley get the idea that Obama isn't connecting with "the people?" Look at the votes and the polls! (Again, paint that picture for me and Barack Obama does not come to mind. Who does is Dick Cheney saying "So?" when reminded that two thirds of "the people" don't think the war in Iraq was worth it. Cavuto didn't tell his audience about that.) This insanity is designed for Fox "News" viewers who don't think or get out all that much. Trouble is, it's also part of a larger effort — to influence the election — so John McCain comes out on top.