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The beat goes on - brews and bitters and the shot seen around the world

Reported by Chrish - April 15, 2008 -

In the first of what is sure to be many segments today 4/15/08 about "Bittergate" and Hillary's "Brew-haha" the FOX Friends First hour started with a revisiting of the overblown "news" items, Barack Obama's remarks in California about embittered working class voters and Hillary Clinton's downing a shot and a beer with some voters in a bar. Reluctant to inform the American public with anything useful, 24/7 cable news is reduced to repetition of meaningless pap.

Who is the most elitist? That's the question du jour.

Scott Rasmussen, "a friend of this program," has doen some polling and the results are, well, predictable: 56% disagreed with Obama's comment, 25% agreed. They played Clinton's commercial that took advantage of the perceived gaffe, with people on the street proclaiming their offense taken and support for Clinton. Doocy said he was listening to talk radio "on both sides" and this was the number one issue being talked about.

To be fair and balanced the two next highlighted Obama's teasing of Hillary Clinton for doing a shot (after 3 sips she downed the remainder) and having a beer with voters. He framed it as pandering to the voters; FOX chyron labeled it a "ploy."

Ed Rendell was right when he said FOX was fair and balanced, they hate both Democratic candidates, as he bemoaned what he (and others) see as the favorable treatment of Obama on mainstream news outlets.

Doocy, for the time being done with this pair of "election news" items, harked back a month to Geraldine Ferraro's remark that Barack Obama was where he is in the race because he's black. He presented comments from "the richest African-American in the US", Bob Johnson, founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television) and a long-time Clinton supporter, that she was right.
He accuses the Obama campaign of having such a "hair-trigger on anything racial it is almost impossible for anybody to say anything." Look for O'Reilly to echo that, as it supports his contention that it is "dangerous" for white people to talk about racism.

John McCain got some attention, with a clip of him remarking on Obama's "elitist" and "disparaging" comments... basically an Obama-bash from yet another angle.

Bill Sammon, currently of the Washington Examiner and formerly of the Washington (Moonie) Times was on hand to further "advance the story," as O'Reilly puts it.

Camerota noted that the catchphrase of the week is "elitism" and said McCain took it a step further, calling on Obama to apologize. His unwillingness to apologize signals an "out of touch elitism." Funny, I've never, ever once heard that said about Bush on FOX (or O'Reilly, for that matter.)

Sammon noted that Obama, for the third day in a row, had to begin a speech saying he regretted his inartfully phrased comment; he's in fill damage control mode and this is hurting him. This will hurt him more in the general (assuming Obama gets the nomination) as moderates are "deeply offended" by what he said.

Camerota asked if Sammon is sensing a shift in the tide, and were these comments perhaps a tipping point that suddenly makes John McCain look really good to voters? This is the same pattern we've seen before: Democrat misspeaks or tears up or somehow makes a minor gaffe, cable news (with FOX in the lead) makes a mountain out of a molehill to fill their hours and hours of airtime, FOX proposes that this is it, the moment that will propel their Republican into the White House! Nonsense. All Democrats have to do is replay McCain singing Bomb Iran and saying we could be in Iraq 100 years, and ding! they win.

But Sammon said yes. He had thought that for McCain to win he'd have to run against Hilary, and she is still preferable because of "her wonderful negatives, her wonderful baggage," her polarizing existence, but he's starting to think Obama is eminently beatable.

Sammon was back after the break. Asked about the fact that Clinton and McCain are both "attacking" him with the same ammo, he said that just proves what a monumental gaffe he's made - yet he won't apologize.

Sammon was the sole political guest for the hour. The swiftboating has begun in aernest.