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O'Reilly has no time for "inside baseball" but plenty of time for crap

Reported by Chrish - April 15, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly recently (4/9/08) directed his viewers to Dick Morris' website (which FOX hosts dutifully plug at the start and end of each segment with the toe sucker), to find out more about the "inside baseball" details of the presidential campaigns, because "we don't have time for it here." Earlier in the segment he had dismissed Morris' attempt to discuss lesser-known details of Clinton advisor Mark Penn's resignation with a wave of the hand and a declaration that the folks don't know and don't care about that, it's inside baseball stuff, and steered the conversation to what we presumably want to hear - more harping on Clinton's Bosnia misstatement and the Clintons' tax returns.

So what's so important that the "number one show on cable news" can't delve, for a minute, into the background and dealings of a key advisor to a presidential candidate? I mean, aside from the regular body language segments, American TV icons segment, the unprofessional "pinheads and patriots" piece, the angry rants with former funnyman Dennis Miller, the not-so-great American culture quiz, the weekly humiliation of Professor Jane Hall, and the policing the Internet complaints.

Watching Bill O'Reilly night after night, his predominantly senior audience is almost guaranteed to see at least one segment that will titillate as O'Reilly and a guest pretend to address a serious problem in America or a particularly scandalous event. (For someone who declares that his enemies, the ssssecular progressssives, don't like America and want to change it, the T-warrior sure has a lot of complaints about America and his fellow Americans.)

The clips below are admittedly snippets taken from segments that addressed these pressing news items, over the first two weeks of April 2008.

A twelve-year-old girl is discovered stripping in a Texas bar (revisited numerous times over the week); each time it's discussed we see rather explicit stripper video. A pregnant transgendered man appears on Oprah; O'Reilly thinks it's bad for kids to see but doesn't get Goldberg and Hall to agree; we see not just the man on Oprah or in pictures with his wife, but nude poses. Whoopi Goldberg, on The View, reenacted a moment with Charlton Heston and in doing so kissed (more like a peck) Joy Behar, on the lips! Body language expert brought in to analyze that one. A brutal beating was caught on tape and the Factor has it - how could they not show it while condemning it? Kids on spring break are out of control with drug use and promiscuous behavior,much more blatant than what O'Reilly experienced when he went to Fort Lauderdale in a covered wagon. Is the Miss America pageant a dinosaur? Are these women selling out or is it a springboard to a good job? A (blonde, exciteable) Internet etymologist uncovers the roots of Bill's favorite words.

It's just a small sample but it speaks volumes. With all this crap to cover, no wonder the "number one cable news" show doesn't have time to inform viewers about the "inside baseball" stuff of politics. Just keep lapping up those Talking Points and let the smart people, the white Christian male power structure, worry about things like policy and dealmaking and your future.