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MIT Scientist smacks down FOX global warming "flip-flop" rumor

Reported by Chrish - April 15, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First host Alisyn Camerota was pumped about a segment that would put another global warming scientist on the FOX side of skeptics and deniers this morning 4/15/08. But her guest, Kerry Emanuel of MIT, promptly burst her bubble and exposed the propaganda in the FOX production.

Camerota said that the next guest had changed his mind about a previously declared link between global warming and increased hurricanes, over chyrons that read

GLOBAL FLIP-FLOP; Warming doesn't cause hurricanes
SCIENCE OF STORMS: Global Warming 2nd thoughts
REVERSED SCIENCE: Scientist changes warming position.

Introducing him, she gushed that he is one of THE most influential scientists when it comes to global warming and its link to hurricanes; he used to think that climate change caused more tropical storms but now, he's changed his mind. Three years ago he published very alarming findings that established a link between global warming and hurricane activity, and a few weeks later Katrina hit.

Emanuel responded that the reports that he's changed his mind have been "greatly exaggerated." (ROFL.) They've developed a new technique for inferring hurricane activity from global climate data, which doesn't itself contain hurricanes. When applied to the past twenty-five years data, it is a startling confirmation of his findings of three years ago; hurricane power has increased by about 50% over the last thirty years. Applying that to hundred-year forecasts under a scenario of increased carbon dioxide output, they see increased activity in their models but not nearly as much as if they simply extrapolate the past thirty years forward.

Camerota and Doocy did damage control, summing up that the models are forecasting "something different than what nature is showing us" and "we just don't know" whether global warming and climate change are making hurricanes more intense. Emanuel replied that the bulk of the evidence says they're getting more intense, we just don't know by how much.

Doocy said "Gotcha," a dismissal when the guest is not saying what they'd expected, and ended the segment.

I just love it when the expert they call in does not suit the agenda, like this.