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John McCain Gets Free Commercial On Studio B

Reported by Donna - April 15, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith most of the show was concentrated on arrival of the Pope.

Of course they spent a segment on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battling each other with commercials, going after each other. But when it came to John McCain, there was nothing but good news.

His guest was Jim LeCamp who has a radio show, Money Sense. They spoke about John McCain calling for a freeze on gas taxes from Memorial Day until Labor Day. (Comment: Did someone make McCain president so he could call for a tax freeze?)

This would be a savings of about 18 1/2 cents a gallon for most people. Both Smith and LeCamp agreed that this was a wonderful bumper sticker for McCain. They said that everytime that someone went to put $70 in their SUV's they would be thinking about McCain's plan.

They did point out, however, that McCain was one Senator and this bill was unlikely to pass.

Comment: It's amazing that McCain gets all the good news and Barack and Hillary get all the bad press on Fox. To mention a bill that probably won't go anywhere is nothing but a big boost for McCain who has nothing to lose by saying it.

Another unfair and unbalanced piece on Studio B.