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Fox Business News Interrupts an Hour of Papal Coverage, Not to Report Business News, But to Smear Barack Obama (its #1 Priority)

Reported by Melanie - April 15, 2008 -

Fox is Swift Boating Barack Obama over his comment about middle Americans feeling bitter because nobody's looking out for their interests. (Can't have anyone speaking the truth, now can we?)

They are on the story almost 24/7 because they want Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. They think McCain has a better chance of winning against her (I agree) so they're basically doing Clinton's work for her, setting her up for what they hope will be her defeat by McCain.

Eager to keep this story alive, lest so much as 60 minutes pass without it being mentioned, Fox worked a reminder in during Your World w/Neil Patrick Cavuto today (April 15, 2008) which was otherwise wall-to-wall coverage of the Pope arriving in D.C. this afternoon. (Oops. I take that back. They also aired the obligatory April 15th segment about taxpayers "scrambling" to get their tax returns postmarked by midnight.)

Anyway, about 35 minutes into the show, after endless swooning over how energetic the Pope looked, about how tomorrow is his 81st birthday (I heard that at least five times), and repeated recitations of his schedule, substitute host Brenda Buttner tossed to Major Garrett to tell us how the Pope's visit plays in the presidential campaign: Garrett said this visit comes,

[A]mong intense debate among Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama over who best understands lower income Democrats in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, and in Pennsylvania a sizable percentage of blue collar Democrats are Catholic and are sometimes referred to as Reagan Democrats who moved toward Ronald Reagan in 1980 and in 1984 because they felt culturally alienated from the national Democratic party over social issues such as abortion. Throughout this campaign, Hillary Clinton has won these voters over more often that Barack Obama❊ and Clinton now believes Obama's statements recently that blue collar Democrats may cling to religion due to economic frustration may help her run up the score in Pennsylvania.

❊ Obama leads in the popular vote. Wonder where Garrett gets his supposed "facts."

Comment: So, during Fox's "premiere business news" show, devoted today to covering the arrival of the Pope (CNBC covered business news), Fox didn't diverge from the topic at hand to, ah, oh, tell viewers the closing numbers on Wall Street or to report any of the other business headlines. No, Fox went to the crux of its business — seeing to it that Republicans maintain control of our country — and it dealt with the urgent and immediate task at hand: continuing the Swift Boating of Barack Obama in an effort to turn voters in Pennsylvania (and Indiana, and...) against him. Way to go "fair and balanced" Fox "News."