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Fox Makes Joke After Joke About Hillary Imbibing Shot And A Beer

Reported by Donna - April 14, 2008 -

Fox and Friends took several moments to make fun of Hillary drinking a shot and a beer last night on their show this morning. Every chance they got they would lift their hands as if drinking or some other stunt to make fun of her.

They had one video clip of Hillary sipping a shot and sipping a beer and Doocy asked if that was 5 times, Kilmeade said he thought it was 7 times.

Of course Hillary is a grown woman who can have a drink when she wants to. She is not a reported drunk like our lame duck president, Bush, who was a drunk for 20 years, but this was not mentioned.

Neither was there anyone from the Democratic side to explain if this was a casual meeting and Hillary was just mingling. No fair and balanced there.

I'm sure John McCain has had more than one drink in his lifetime but Fox doesn't seem to want to show any footage on it if they have it, or to even mention it.

Comment: This was a completely unprofessional segment (s) shown on this with jokes made throughout the show. Another bashing of the Democrats with no mention of John McCain. Typical unfair and unbalanced on Fox's part. I also don't know where Hillary was, but if she was in Pennsylvania, a shot and a beer is the standard drink in Pittsburgh and other places in Pennsylvania.