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FOX Election HQ Delivers Fast, Furious and Deadly Attack on Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - April 14, 2008 -

American Election HQ, with Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer, spent most of the hour delivering fast paced and deadly blows to Barack Obama. FOX viewers who hadn't followed the developing story, about Obama's now infamous comment, throughout the weekend were deluged with an inescapable stream of anti-Obama rhetoric as Kelly and Hemmer sledge hammered their message home.

Juan Williams and Megyn Kelly offered the first barrage with Kelly opening their discussion declaring the controversy is " not going away". Williams thought his responses were inadequate and Kelly noted that Obama had criticized Hillary Clinton for drinking shots " after bowling and doing all those blue collar things". Williams agreed with Obama's but attacked him anyway. Calling the San Francisco crowd first hearing the comment " latte liberals" he wondered if Obama "just got arrogant". Then he added, " It's obvious that these folks are clinging to guns and religion" ( So Kelly calls bowling a " blue collar thing" and Williams agrees with Obamas point but both claim he's arrogant and elitist)

Brit Hume followed and actually claimed the comment had " echoes of a Marxist view on religion" explaining that Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the masses. He warned viewers that we really never knew Obama and now the real person is coming out. Bill Hemmer told Hume, " Spot on! Knowledge of him is cumulative"

When Michael Steele came on for the drill, Megyn Kelly expressed outrage over Jeremiah Wright's attack on Sean Hannity saying , "Sean of all people!" Steele chimed in saying Hannity has been on to Wright for months.

In between the pundits, there was a clip of someone saying Obama Bin Laden, accidentally, followed by a side by side shot of Obama and Bin Laden. Rasmussen came on with a poll giving McCain the lead over both Democratic candidates. Both these tidbits were quickies designed to inject the message a little deeper

There was a debate included with an actual Democrat, Julian Epstein who was trying to make some good points but Angela McGowan kept interrupting him and when he tried to get an edge she erupted with, " I can read! I did graduate High School." Each time he had the screen to himself, Angela McGowan could be heard laughing at him off screen. Kelly did very little to tone her down.

Bill Hemmer who coined " snipergate" on the show proudly anointed this " bittergate" What a guy!

comment:By the time Tammy Bruce and Ed Schultz got started on the same topic, I was saturated with slime and starting to hyperventilate. It won't be hard to imagine what they had to say.