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Fox Doesn't Understand Why Reverend Wright Is Attacking Them

Reported by Donna - April 14, 2008 -

A wonderful opportunity came Fox's way when Reverend Wright spoke out against Fox at a funeral over the weekend.

It seems a couple of reporters snuck into a church where Reverend Wright was to speak at a funeral and this is how Fox retreived what he had to say. (Comment: Who were these reporters who snuck into the church? Are they in cahoots with Fox News?)

The top of the banner said, 'Reverend Wright Criticizes Fox News'

Wright said, "Fox News can't understand that. O'Reilly will never get that. (Comment: What? It sounds like a partial quote to me) Sean Hannity's stupid fantasy will keep him forever stuck on stupid when it comes to comprehending how you can love a brother who does not believe what you believe."

They had an audio of O'Reilly saying he didn't really know what Wright was talking about but if he wants to speak to him he will. (Comment: I'm sure only on his show)

The Fox and Friends crew seemed to play all innocent like they didn't know why Wright would be attacking them. They were the network who dragged out the story for as long as they possibly could and they can't understand this?

Kilmeade said that there is a dead man in the room and Wright was focusing on himself. I would say there was a dead man in the room and reporters were sneaking into a private funeral and Fox was running a story from that private funeral that is worse to me.

Comments: I doubt this is over yet. Hannity and O'Reilly will probably bring out the fake bravado and yell at Wright to come on to their shows for a face to face. Because this is a non story about a man who said there are anti Americans, and he was a former pastor of Barack Obama, I think this is a case of free speech and Fox will do anything to drag out non stories to try and destroy the Democrats.

There was no fair and balanced on any of John McCain's scandals (Comment: Not that this is a scandal on Barack Obama's part) and there was no one there to speak out about how outrageous it was to sneak reporters into a private funeral and for Fox playing out this story, or to have anyone speak out on what Reverand Wright was talking about. Another unfair and unbalanced story on Fox and Friends. And once again we heard no bashing of McCain, just Hillary and Barack Obama. McCain seems impervious on Fox.