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Fox "Business News" — You Still Buyin' That?

Reported by Melanie - April 12, 2008 -

Until Fox "News" officially declares that Your World w/Neil Cavuto is not a business news show, I will keep treating it as if it is. To that end, this post launches a new weekend feature titled, "Fox 'Business News' — You Still Buyin' That?"

At the end of each week I will post a screen shot of Neil Cavuto's website. Cavuto, as we know, is the "managing editor of business news" at Fox "News" and he anchors Fox's "premiere business news" show.

I will post an "above the fold" shot of his site and an "above the fold" shot of another, random, business news site. The "random" site will rotate. This week it's Bloomberg.

So, immediately below is a screen shot, as of yesterday evening (April 11, 2008), of Cavuto's site. Below that is a screen shot of Bloomberg.com, also as of yesterday evening.

Comment: Now you tell me — read the headlines. Your World w/Neil Cavuto is a business news show? As I said, this will be a weekly feature (in addition to daily posts) until Fox stops playing this "business news" game. Unlike Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Fox & Friends and the clowns at "America's Election Headquarters," Cavuto is overlooked because of his cover as a purported "business news" anchor. He's anything but. Watch his show. Check our site. Check his site (in person or here on a weekly basis). You'll see.

(Sorry for all the quotation marks but Fox and "news" and "business news" just don't go together.)


This is Bloomberg: