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Alan Colmes Forces Andrew Card To Eat His Words

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2008 -

The former White House Chief of Staff for George W. Bush got together with millionaire Sean Hannity last night (4/11/08) on Hannity & Colmes to pretend to speak for the little guys in rural America who, according to “regular guys” Hannity and Card, had recently been insulted by Barack Obama. Card went on to smear Obama as “someone who is not proud to be an American” and the San Franciscans he was speaking to, “a group of elitists, I’m sure.” But Alan Colmes pointed out that Card had just done what he had claimed Obama had done – insultingly stereotyped a part of the country. Card flip-flopped and apologized. With video.

This latest Obama “controversy” was deemed so important by FOX News that nearly the entire show was devoted to it. Just in case viewers didn’t realize the significance, FOX News Alerts ran through the show, too.

There was no Democratic guest given their own segment in which to defend Obama on this “fair and balanced” show.