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O'Reilly pre-emptively shoots messenger Progressive Media USA

Reported by Chrish - April 11, 2008 -

After Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points memo 4/10/08 savaged David Brock, George Soros, and Paul Begala for planning a campaign to expose facts about John McCain that the corporate press is ignoring, O'Reilly turned to Politico.com's Jim Vandehei (whose site first reported the meeting of the three) and asked if his "analysis" was correct? VandeHei noted that to be fair and balanced, they had to acknowledge that these same things happen on the Right, too, but "Democrats have become much, much better at this game."
With video.

VandeHei said that the Swift Boaters were very effective "at shaping public perception" in 2004, for example. O'Reilly denied being aware of similar groups on the right and asked to be notified with who's running them, what they're doing, and how much money they have. We can compile them here (please leave in comments below or email us) and/or you can send them to oreilly@foxnews.com.

O'Reilly admitted to being frightened by George Soros, because of his alleged desire for "one-world" government: "he wants the US to have to consult with all foreign countries before unilateral action is taken against any country; he wants very high taxes, legalized narcotics, a permissive attitude with children's rights where parents wouldn't have rights over their children..."

He referred to moveOn.org as "his organization." MoveOn.org was founded by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd in response to the Lewinsky diversion; Soros has donated to it and is not the biggest donor. When VandeHei replied that Soros isn't the only one and mentioned Stephen Bing, another wealthy Democrat supporter, O'Reilly said he'd get to him later (he didn't), flashing his picture on the screen. (Ah, the wonders of pre-recording and editing.) No, O'Reilly's mission was to kill the messengers Soros and Brock so at least HIS viewers will dismiss any ads they see from PMUSA without question.

O'Reilly whined that MoveOn is raising unprecedented moneu for Barack Obama, and again VandeHei reasonably pointed out that the money is not coming from george Soros, it's grassroots funding from members. O'Reilly rebutted that "it's his organization" (NO, it's not) and VandeHei sort of corrected him again, saying it's his organization he helped put together, but the money is coming from "an army" of individuals. Where Soros can be effective now is through 501c4 and/or 527 organizations, where big money acn be spent to define ... O'Reilly overtalked loudly, saying they can use it to smear McCain until folks think PolPot is running on the Republican ticket. VandeHei shrugged and said Republicans are going to have to figure out a way to raise money to respond.

O'Reilly changed the subject to "Bernadette (sic) Dohrn and this other idiot, uh, Ayers," and Obama's association with them - is it a big story? VandeHei said they reported several months ago that Obama was at the former anarchists' house in 1995, which Obama confirmed. VandeHei predicts it will be a big story in months to come because in politics you use whatever weapons you can get, and O'Reilly said he wasn't interested in the politics, just the reality of it.
If Obama was doing anything wrong, he wants to know. VandeHei says he has no reason to believe Obama was doing anything wrong, but the politics of guilt by association will come into play. O'Reilly then proved it by expanding the relationship into Obama trying to build his power base, which he'll later assert is a link that proves how dangerously farleft Obama is. Not interested in the politics, my ass.

I love how O'Reilly accuses the farleft of smears when organizations quote him and his candidates, perhaps pointing out a disconnect or contradiction, yet he calls himself a "no-spin" guy as he calls people names and defames their character and work. What an unbelievable hypocrite.