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FOX Places Cindy McCain On Her Campaign Pedestal

Reported by Deborah - April 11, 2008 -

Cindy McCain was asked about the New York Times article suggesting her husband had an affair with a lobbyist during an upcoming interview for Access Hollywood. Megyn Kelly and Nancy O'Dell, Access Hollywood, gushed about Mrs.McCain's candor and talked about her desire to be a "traditional" First Lady like Laura Bush.

They showed a clip of Cindy McCain's two sentence response to the article.

"I knew the truth". McCain said she told her husband, "I love you.I know this isn't true."

Kelly gushed , "That's so interesting!" They tried to continue discussing the wonder of the statement and Cindy McCain's "candor" but there wasn't too much to analyze or praise.

O'Dell got into what kind of First Lady Mrs McCain would like to be. There sure were no surprises here. She said she would be "traditional" and " very supportive of my mate" and I'm not a policy person" O'Dell , naturally, asked her about Hillary Clinton and McCain wouldn't criticize Hillary but said she would like to be like Laura Bush and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Raw Story covers the interview preview in more detail here.

comment: I'm just wondering how an interview promo for Michelle Obama might be treated on
America's Election HQ