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Laura Ingraham Tells O'Reilly She Prays For David Brock and Media Matters

Reported by Deborah - April 11, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham had their annual George Soros conference tonight on The Factor after BOR had his regular conniption fit over Soros during his TPM and Top Story segments. This time David Brock of Media Matters was personally knocked around. BOR called Brock a "vile character assassin" while Ingraham took the high road and claimed she and Brock were once friends but now " I pray for these guys."

During their last discussion about Soros, June 2006, Ingraham was definitely not supportive of O'Reilly's Soros conspiracy theory telling him that if anyone can't stand up to George Soros and Media Matters, they should get out of the field. She also ridiculed BOR on her radio show the next day which Media Matters covered.

In 2007, Ingraham and O'Reilly were on the same page about Soros especially since she had a book to sell. However, she once again provided reason to calm Bill's anxiety by suggesting that people avoid Soros funded websites and watch FOX News instead.

This time Ingraham agreed that Soro was dangerous informing viewers that Soros is a socialist who wants a global order. Later on she claimed he knew how to make money shorting the American dollar making him sound like a capitalist with evil intent.

She went on to say that this time Soros has a smart person and "old friend", David Brock, working for him at Media Matters. She claimed that David Brock plans to swift boat John McCain . Assuring viewers that they are no longer friends she added , " I pray for these guys." and " It's hard " to do.

Ingraham suggested that "Republicans look in the mirror' and decide if it's worth it to fight the Soros influence. Then BOR looking shocked actually asked if she meant John McCain should smear them. Ingraham played up McCain's innocence mentioning his "respectful" campaign.

O'Reilly then tied Obama to Soros claiming that Soros is giving hundreds of millions to Moveon to get Obama elected. Strangely enough, he also suggested that Obama doesn't know about all this which Ingraham shot down.

comment: There was no mention of where the term " swiftboat" originated . Both acted like the Republicans are poor victims of the ruthless Democrats and are too principled to fight back. Give me a break.