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FOX and Friends First right-wing, neo-con cheerleading hour

Reported by Chrish - April 10, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First 4/10/08, hosted by Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade (later joined by Steve Doocy and later still Gretchen Carlson) was the usual melange of snark, disdain, speculation and promotions. Revealing FOX overall messaging, the guests in the studio today were Bill Kristol, Carly Fiorina, and Douglas Feith, each one touting a specific angle of the right-wing agenda.

Kristol defended the surge, General Petraeus, and Bush, with whom he had a forty minute private consultation recently, most of it off the record, discussing phone calls between Bush and foreign leaders. Kristol called Bush "clever, even calculating," and Camerota eagerly cheered that Americans need to hear that!

Kristol characterized recent actions in Basra as a success because the largely Shia Iraqi government fought againt Shia extremists. Bush wants to leave the best possible Iraq for the next presdient, we were assured.

Fiorina was on to tout recent poll numbers from a Marist College poll (yes, that's O'Reilly's alma mater) that say a hypothetical McCain/Rice ticket would beat either an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket in New York state by a few points, within the margin of error for the small (576) sampling. To demonstrate the value of speculative and hypothetical polling, look no further than an older Marist poll about the 2008 Democratic candidates. But since this is good for McCain and generates some buzz about Rice, it's highlighted on FOX.

McCain's decision-making about a VP choice was characterized as "inside baseball" by Fiorina, code for "too complicated for you American Idol slurping morons." (Interesting that last night O'Reilly , talking with Dick Morris, used the same phrase when he dismissed the subject of Clinton advisor Mark Penn: "...inside baseball! the folks don't know about Penn, they don't care!" What folks, according to O'Reilly, do care about is the Clinton's income and her exaggeration of danger in Bosnia. We are tabloid-sucking eedjits. At least his audience is.)

Because it's her job, Fiorina said that McCain's admission that the economy was not his strong suit was an indication that he is "a naturally humble person," and she personally thinks he's very strong on the economy and she'd put his experience up against Clinton's or Obama's.

Feith, whom former CIA chief George Tenet called "a man eager to manipulate intelligence to push the country to war," has a new book out (published by News Corp's Harper Publishing, not mentioned by anyone) that claims to detail inside considerations and debate leading up to the Iraq invasion in 2003, an invasion Feith had been promoting since at least 1996.

Feith declined to affirm that we've "turned a corner" in Iraq, instead hedging that Petraeus was correct in saying that while there's been progress in the last few months, it is fragile and reversible. While he feels Iraqis should be using their resources (oil income) to pay for reconstruction, that's not to say that the US shouldn't keep on "investing" in ensuring that Iraq isn't a threat to anyone in the future.

Trying to wash the blood from his own hands, Feith insisted that there was a plan for political transition in post-Saddam Iraq, but Paul Bremer passed it up (the latter injected by Kilmeade.)

An hour of right-wing and neo-con talking points brought to you by fair and balanced FOX.