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Conclusion on Studio B - Nothing Can Be Done Immediately To Lower Gas Prices - So Drive Less

Reported by Donna - April 10, 2008 -

Today on Studio B, Shepard Smith spoke with Patricia Murphy from CitizenJanePolitics.com about the energy problems that we are having. They spoke about the presidential candidates plans for solving the energy problems.

Murphy talked about McCain speaking about fuel efficiency but having no specific plans to counter them. She said that Clinton wanted fuel efficiecy for cars by 2030 to be 55 mpg. She added that Barack Obama wanted 40 mpg by 2020 with some exceptions for light trucks. She said Clinton's and Obama's were similar plans but they were specific. (Comment: So this counters what they always say - that Republicans have the specific plans, they don't, the Democrats do)

Smith asked about Nuclear plants and Murphy said they were extremely unpopular after the 3 mile accident. Plus she said we had no where to put nuclear waste. She said France and Japan had ways of recycling their nuclear waste.

They spoke a little about solar and wind power and said the Democrats felt differently than the Republicans on this but gave little specifics.

She said all three could do little to immediately bring down the price of gas so the only thing they could suggest is driving less.

Comments: I thought we'd have some solutions from the presidential candidates on bringing gas prices down because they are really going through the roof, but none were given and she seemed to be saying that nothing could be done. I guess the question was, when Bush was running for president and was asked about high gas prices he said if he was president he'd 'Open up the spiggots.' Well, I guess he forgot to do that because they've gone sky high since he's become president and he's done nothing to help the average American.