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Clinton, Obama not completely shut out on F&FF

Reported by Chrish - April 10, 2008 -

In case you got the impression that FOX and Friends First this morning 4/10/08 was a complete right-wing pep rally, be assured there were a couple of segments devoted to the Democratic presidential candidates too. They just weren't flattering.

There was a brief piece (@1 minute) in the headlines about the Elton John concert last night that raised $2.5 million for Hillary Clinton. John was said to be "angry," yet the video clip shown to demonstrate that was contradictory. All he said was "I never cease to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people in this country," which was greeted by whoops and applause. "And I say, to hell with them," he added. That was it.

Alisyn Camerota was kind enough to define "misogynistic" for the viewers, saying way to win over undecideds, Elton, by insulting them. This item was used as a seque to promote the upcoming 3 minute segment with GOP operative Carly Fiorina cheerleading for John McCain.

Towards the end of the hour another segment highlighting the Democrats was shown, wherein FOX played a promo by the WWE inviting Clinton and Obama to literally go into the ring and duke it out. This ridiculous (and ridiculing) proposition, aided by FOX sound effects of punches and grunts, was equated by Camerota to the "jibjab" videos of the Friends found on the web.

So, three interviews with right-wing mouthpieces compared with two dismissive and belittling blips for Democrats - fair and balanced as only FOX delivers.