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Hillary Missing From Fox Report

Reported by Donna - April 9, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they spoke with Sen James Inhofe (R-OK) who is on the Armed Services Committee about General Petraeus coming to speak to them yesterday.

The banner read, 'Playing Politics W/Petraeus? Candidates Looking To Score

Imhofe said the "big winner" was "obviously John McCain" because he didn't have to play the game. Imhofe went back to the old WWII comparison about what would have happened "in WWII if General MacArthur would have said when we were going to withdraw?"

He went onto say that Iraq has committed 45 billion dollars on aircraft, 3 billion dollars on equipment and another 300 billion on one of our programs. (Comment: Does this even add up to make a glitch in what we've spent so far?)

The trouble was they showed video of Barack Obama entering a hearing room and then showed John McCain speaking from his seat at the hearing - but no Hillary.

Comment: Is Hillary gone as far as Fox is concerned? In another segment they spoke about the hearings and only showed John McCain. I don't know if these are subliminal messages or not but it is Fox, so what do we expect?

And I'm so sick of the comparisons of Iraq to WWII. They are nothing alike. WWII was not a war of choice, we had war declared on us by Germany and Japan attacked us. We had a choice in Iraq and hundreds of thousands may still be alive now if Bush hadn't preemptively attacked them.

And where was the Democratic Senator to make it fair and balanced?