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FOX News Spreads New Obama Rumor

Reported by Deborah - April 9, 2008 -

America's Election HQ had no problem reporting and debating an incident supposedly witnessed at an Obama rally even though there was no real proof that it happened at all. It seems reporters from the Carnegie Mellon University newspaper claimed they witnessed Obama campaign workers say, " Get me more white people. I need more white people" while they were seating people for a rally.

Bob Beckel and Ralph Reed were the balanced debate team asked to analyze this unsubstantiated event. Megyn Kelly told them, Something feels uncomfortable. I feel like we're being manipulated."

Bob Beckel didn't question the veracity of the story but argued that doing stuff like that is no big deal. He said all candidates want to fill their audiences with people similar to the voters they're trying to attract.

Ralph Reed tried to suggest that this exchange had been recorded by saying that if a campaign does this ,they don't want to be caught by a mic. (All the written accounts so far do not mention any proof besides the reporters observations) Reed said the incident showed the " role that identity politics has played in the Democratic primaries" adding that it doesn't look good for Obama. Kelly wondered if " Michelle Obama is struggling to get white women voters" in Pennsylvania.

Then Kelly continued the gossip fest reporting that Chelsea Clinton was asked about Monica Lewinsky for the third time. Chelsea's response this time was compared with the others. As always, Kelly was hoping for a negative response to Chelsea Clinton but both men were in agreement about Chelsea and the inappropriate question.

As always American Election HQ did not offer any information about the Democratic candidates that might help voters make an informed decision and we can count on the FOX folks to keep this up until November.