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O'Reilly says Hillary Clinton believes war in Iraq is lost

Reported by Chrish - April 8, 2008 -

Assessing comments made today 4/8/08 during General Petraeus' statement before Congress, Bill O'Reilly in his Talking Points Memo said that Hillary Clinton believes the war is lost, and he repeated that she says the war is lost when talking with Karl Rove moments later. But Clinton did not say that. O'Reilly also made a doom and gloom prediction of what will happen to the world if we pull out of Iraq, a world war that will make Iraq "look like Sesame Street."
With video.

O'Reilly announced his belief that the most important issue for all Americans is - Iran. HIs scenario is that upon our withdrawal, Iran would take over Iraq, oil would skyrocket, economies would collapse, and world war would ensue. Then he showed short clips (of McCain and Clinton, not Obama) and summarized the three presidential candidates' views: McCain says we have to stay; Clinton believes it's lost; Obama was "cautious" but he does want a timetable to leave.

Got that, "folks"? Withdrawal will lead to world chaos; McCain wants to stay, the Democrats want to leave. But no spin, he's just reporting - you decide.

He encouraged his cult to think about it, and added, as he leaned into the camera,

"The loons on the left and many in the corrupt media are lying to you! There is danger ahead. Running away from it will hurt you and your family."

Ah, spring in an election year - the smell of fear is everywhere!