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O'Reilly on the "white backlash" against the racist label

Reported by Chrish - April 8, 2008 -

Expanding on his TPM 4/7/08, Bill O'Reilly hosted two African-American guests to discuss the "white backlash," the refusal to discuss race issues because of fear of being labelled racist. Larry Elder, author of Stupid Black Men, played the part of Bill O'Reilly agreed with O'Reilly's every word. Debra Dickerson, author of The End of Blackness, held that people ought to talk anyway, labels be damned.

Elders principles are that 1. the civil rights era is over and the good guys won; 2. white fear of being perceived as racist is an even bigger problem than white racism (no longer a major problem in America); and 3. Democrats need blacks to believe that racism is still a major problem, because without the black vote they cannot win. If black people can't make it in America, they can't make it anywhere!

Dickenson said that whether white people feel inhibited is neither here nor there; "you guys" are not the senior partner in this discussion. Debate is by its very nature contentious, and "the precious tender little feelings of white people" are not the issue. If someone calls you racist, do you shrivel up and die? No, you answer back, stand your ground.

O'Reilly said she (Obama?) can't force it, and he won't engage in discussions that he would have a year ago - "it isn't worth it." So, you refuse to have the conversation, and then what? she asked. Then we grind to a halt and continue to have the misperceptions.

Dickerson, looking puzzled. asked how do we have the conversation if "you guys" pack up your ball and go home? O'Reilly retorted that she has to stop calling "you guys" racists, and the African-Amrican community has to join with him and condemn it - that's what "you guys" have to do.

Dickerson said she's called racist, by black people, and she answers back unless they're too silly to respond to. Elder interjected politics again, saying the Democratic Party and the farleft media (channeling O'Reilly, I tell ya) have branded themselves as the good guys fighting racial injustice (that "they" claim is still a major problem) and Republicans as Darth Vader. As the music cut him off, O'Reilly promised to bring them both back "in a couple of weeks", eliciting a hearty laugh from Dickerson.

O'Reilly's constant beating of this drum is very telling. He is signalling his audience that there can't be (mustn't be) a significant national conversation about race and institutional injustice. If anyone makes a charge of racism, institutional or otherwise, it's now to be considered not as identifying the problem, but an equal part of the problem. But consider the source: O'Reilly is the guy who whined that "The New York Times and the far left want to break down the White Christian Male Power Structure."