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O'Reilly Accuses Rosie O'Donnell Of " Mainstreaming Gay Lifestyle"

Reported by Deborah - April 8, 2008 -

O'Reilly used Rosie O'Donnell,4/4/08, On The Factor, as an example of the "powerful forces" trying to mainstream the 'Gay Lifestyle". He showed a clip of Rosie's Family Cruise as proof that she is undermining American values. Here is a transcript of the segment with Margaret Hoover and Marc Rudov.

Despite Marc Rudov's claims that he feared for the children in these adoptions because their sexual identities will be formed by living with Gay parents, the truth is quite different.

According to an article written by the Director of Mountain Meadow, an organization devoted to supporting these families The biggest problems come from people like Bill O'Reilly and Marc Rudov who promote homophobia which is the main problem these kids deal with growing up. People like O'Reilly and Rudov should educate themselves about the issue before mouthing off. Margaret Hoover fortunately provided some balance to the segment. She was incredibly supportive and enlightened on the subject and fortunately made Rudov and BOR look foolish.

Carolyn Thompson, Mountain Meadow, states there are between 12 and 15 million children being raised by gay parents. She notes that the homophobia these children experience is widespread and quite destructive emotionally. This homophobic rejection starts in kindergarten and many of these kids are ostracized by straight parents who do not invite them to their homes.Despite the love the adopted kids receive at home, this reality of societal rejection scars them for life.

Bill O'Reilly is a problem for these families. If he cared so much for children, as he claims, he should applaud this growing segment of American families and proudly " promote mainstreaming of the gay lifestyle" where kids are given a loving home and people are judged for the character not their sexual orientation.