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FOX Grades Obama's Performance At Senate Hearing

Reported by Deborah - April 8, 2008 -

Barack Obama's sessions of questions to General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, during today's Senate hearing, was shown ,at least partially, during American Election HQ this afternoon.4/7/08. It was followed with an analysis by Dan Senor and Ari Fleisher which seemed more like a grading of Obama's ability to handle military issues.

Today Obama acknowledged that the " surge reduced violence and created some breathing room" adding that the breathing room wasn't used to make progress.He asked very focused and well organized questions trying to get Petraeus and Crocker to define an " end point" Obama noted that their definition of success was high, demanding no traces of Al Qaeda, an Iraqi Government operating and a functioning Democracy. Obama suggested that this standard would require 20 or 30 years.

Dan Senor immediately pointed out an alledged contradiction between what Obama said today about the "surge" and what he said in January '08" while talking to Charles Gibson. Senor claimed Obama told Gibson that the Sunni awakening was not a result of the surge but caused by Congressional Democrats.Senor acted as if this " contradiction" was a symptom of Obama's weakness or incompetance. Ari Fliecher noted that Obama didn't sound as confident as he usually does during his speeches claiming " he was groping for words."

comment: This "analysis" of Obama's performance today will most certainly get more detailed and damaging on FOX after they have a chance to make him look like a rookie lightweight, unfit for the job. However, the short section shown today showed Obama to be a very well organized questioner forcing Crocker and Petraeus to stumble and grope. It will be interesting to watch the full account later as it becomes available since Obama didnt have his chance until after 5PM.