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Neil Cavuto Claims Mexican Airline Repair Workers Are Trying to Kill Americans

Reported by Melanie - April 7, 2008 -

Immediately following a segment about how we should all boycott Absolut vodka because of this picture — Mexicans want to take over the United States! Absolut is encouraging them!❊ — Fox "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto aired a segment about a rash of recent US airline engine failures. (He didn't say how many, where or when. Guess we're supposed to take his word for it.)

Cavuto opened with, "Meanwhile, the FAA today announcing plans to overhaul its plane inspection program. This as we're getting reports of more planes now having engine failure, during flights — midair! (His emphasis.) By the way, increasing numbers of jets are now being assembled in Mexico by workers earning $3.50 an hour. My next guest is connecting the dots and says he's worried."

With that Cavuto introduced aviation expert Michael Boyd and asked, "Michael, what do you make of this?"

Boyd said this is "something that has to be looked into" because most airplanes that fly overseas are twin engine and if you lose both engines you "get wet real quick," so that "needs to be looked into almost right away." But "it's not just Mexico, it's how much it's being outsourced...to places that don't really know how to fix airplanes properly and there's no oversight."

Cavuto said, "What I'm worried about though is the frequency of these events." This takes it to a "whole new level of worry here when I hear a lot of this work is outsourced and it's outsourced to, ah, let's say to Mexican workers who might not be liking the United States a lot these days with the ongoing friction with the immigration policies and the like. Should we be worried?"

Boyd said, "If you outsource say, outsource to say AeroMexico they overhaul airplanes that are good. (Oops. Boyd's gotta get with the program next time.) It's when it goes to someplace in Indonesia, it goes to some place in a foreign country where nobody reads English but all the maintenance records and all the materials to overhaul an airplane are in English. There's a real concern there because there's no oversight whatsoever."

Comment: It seems to me that in a reality based world one would blame sloppy maintenance on (1) the FAA for not exercising sufficient oversight over what the airlines are doing (the FAA works for us, not the airlines, after all), and (2) on the airlines for trying to save money by outsourcing to unqualified vendors. But on Fox, a vague allegation about an increase in engine failures turns into disgruntled Mexicans trying to kill Americans. How convenient. Better to blame and make Americans afraid of Mexicans instead of George W. Bush's dysfunctional government.

Afterthought: Fox wants its viewers to believe that — USA! USA! USA! — the United States is the toughest, bestest, greatest nation on the planet. We've got nukes galore and missile defense-this and metal detector-that, but on the other hand, an ad run by Absolut vodka threatens our national security and bedraggled, poverty-stricken Mexicans are waiting, just over the horizon, to invade and occupy us? Guess we're a bunch of scaredy cat wimps after all huh? I mean, which is it?!

❊ According to Absolut's website, the "Absolut World advertising campaign invites consumers to visualize a world that appeals to them -- one they feel may be more idealized or one that may be a bit 'fantastic.'" The right really needs to think about getting a sense of humor!