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Fox Guest, Lanny Davis, Really Hands It To Gretchen Carlson On Getting The Truth Out

Reported by Donna - April 7, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they kept teasing how Hillary had told a story that Fox says was proven wrong about a woman who had supposedly had no health care and was turned down for treatment and because of the lack of $100, she and her 8 month old fetus died. It turns out the story was verified by a Deputy Sheriff and virtually no response was given by the hospital until later.
Video added.

The banner read, 'Another Clinton Gaffe, Hillary's Healthcare Slip Up' and Gretchen Carlson said that Hillary had had some problems over the weekend because of this. She was joined by former Bill Clinton Counsel, Lanny Davis.

Gretchen went on to tell the story of the pregnant woman who was supposedly turned down for coverage and her and her unborn fetus were both dead as a result of this. Carlson said the hospital "came forward" and said this wasn't true.

Lanny Davis told Carlson that he was glad she used the words "I think" and the word, "maybe." He said the Deputy Sheriff, "who told Senator Clinton the story, who knew about it personally, verified every single thing that Hillary said." Davis also went on to say that the hospital statement was "very hedgy" and didn't deny that yes she had died and that she had been denied care for her 8 month along baby. He added that the story that Senator Clinton relied on was, "Verified by the Deputy Sheriff and in your teaser and I hope from this point on all your teasers will say, 'but, the Deputy Sheriff has verified exactly what he said and the hospital has not denied the essence of the story."

Davis asked, "So what's the brou-ha-ha to start out on your lead on this magnificant morning that we're here?"

Carlson asked if it shouldn't be the case that if you have a lot of staffers working for you that at least one or two of them should go and check out your stories? Davis replied," I get it, from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, to everyone who hears anecdotes and relies on them and the person giving the quote is a Deputy Sheriff has verified publicly, which you haven't yet said, is a fact, everyone is going to go out and put out investigators on the anecdotes that you repeat that people tell you. Give me a break and let's be serious."

Carlson said that she assumed Hillary won't be using that story anymore. Davis said, "She most certainly will be using that story, you're not listening. The Deputy Sheriff verified the facts...interupted by Carlson) Carlson said, "I'm just saying there are other stories she could use, just not that one."

Davis said," The Deputy Sheriff did verify the facts, the hospital did not deny the essence of the story, you're not listening. I know you want to pump this story up but it's not true. And we have more important issues, but your teaser was totally false." Carlson tried to interupt and say she wasn't trying to pump this up. (Comment: They teased the story all hour long) Davis continued, "Your teaser was totally false, totally inflammatory and I would suggest your producer insert the words the Deputy Sheriff who told Senator Clinton the story verified the facts, if you want to be accurate that's the way you should introduce the story.

Carlson by now was ticked and said, "Well, we are fair and balanced sir." (Comment: A laughable comment at this stage of the segment)

They went on to speak a little about Mark Penn and Davis said he could assure her that people would not be voting for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on Mark Penn.

Carlson thanked Davis for the "fiery exchange" and Davis told her to, "start her teasers differently next time and try to be accurate."

Comment: Wow, Davis really gave it to Carlson and she could find no way to recover. I remember a few weeks ago when one of McCain's aides resigned - it was a one line story, no explanation, nothing as to why he resigned.

Kudos to Lanny Davis for showing how a Democrat should stand up to the spin that Fox puts out. The teasers stopped for the rest of the time I monitored Fox and Friends, but I'm sure they'll repeat it, they saw it as a way to attack Hillary and it wasn't. Like Davis said, their teasers were absolutely false and they should present the story with all of the facts.