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Jane Hall silenced - again - by O'Reilly

Reported by Chrish - April 6, 2008 -

After failing to get either Jane Hall or Bernie Goldberg to join in his outrage over Oprah Winfrey hosting a pregnant transexual on her program, Bill O'Reilly 4/3/08 turned his attention to perceived media bias at NBC/MSNBC. When Hall insisted that NBC and MSNBC be differentiated, O'Reilly overtalked, refused her request to finish, and turned to Goldberg, effectively silencing her counter-argument against one of his favorite talking points and once again humiliating the professor on national cable. Why does she keep going back?
With video.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said in an interview with TIME magazine that

"It took Saturday Night Live to bring some fairness to this election," Rendell said, referring to the show's now famous skit lampooning the media's crush on Obama. "It's stunning. Does Keith Olbermann get checks from the Obama campaign?"
From this, O'Reilly spun the falsehood that Rendell said "Look, NBC News is in the tank for Obama. (Aside: We've been reporting that for months.) It's stunning, it's wrong, it's terrible, and I guess we should burn down their headquarters at Rockefeller Center. "

(During the following exchange video was shown of different angles of the NBC News Building and ground-level news studios, in case any of O'Reilly's crazy audience decided to take a trip to NYC to act on his suggestion that the building be torched. In his beloved Father Knows Best days of yore such a comment would get him brought in for questioning at least. In post-9/11 America, "be careful what you say" doesn't apply to bombastic right-wingers.)

Hall responded that she draws a line between the commentators at MSNBC and NBC Nightly News and O'Reilly commenced to diminish what she said, and unfortunately Hall went along cheerfully.

Goldberg was much more impressed with Rendell's comment that FOX has been the most fair in coverage this election season ("You hate both of our candidates" was as close to the truth as he got.) Bernie said Rendell was essentially taking on DailyKos and MoveOn.org. O'Reilly expounded "Although there are commentators on FOX, obviously, who are rooting, they're identified." Hannity is the only personality on FOX who makes no bones about his allegiance; the rest are hypocrites playing at "fair and balanced" but their bias seeps through all day.

O'Reilly, pointedly ignoring Hall, spoke to Goldberg about how wrong she is, that on MSNBC we have "all of their (NBC's) people." Goldberg agreed: when we have serious journalists sitting side by side with rabid partisans on election night, that's a very bad thing. (Like Brit Hume nightly hosting Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, et al? or FOX's election night coverage, with Hume, Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, Bill Kristol, and Juan Williams? Puh-leeeze.) The bias and "craziness" bleeds over from the cable to the news network, holds Goldberg.

O'Reilly lectured Hall, mocked her students ("pinheads"), and characterized NBC coverage as "blatant dishonest partisanship, dishonest to the core, done solely to make money - to make money." They're a financial disaster, he claimed, and the only way they can get even the meager eyeballs they get is to take out a Barack Obama membership and beg BO people to watch them. It's cynical and dishonest, and Hall should be condemning it. He finally let her get a word in, and she caved - saying she was very critical of Chris Matthews being very anti-Hillary Clinton. That's why Rendell has been anti-MSNBC. O'Reilly interrupted to again flog her about being a journalism professor not being sufficiently "appalled." He continued to whine and overtalk her, even as she tried to agree with him, wouldn't let her finish because he "gotta go," and in disgust turned his back on her (body language expert, please!) and gave the final thirty seconds to Goldberg, who asserted (swallow liquids) that the nasty partisanship of Matthews will rub off on Brokaw (retired 12/04) and Williams "with sophisticated viewers."

Speaking of doing it for money, that must be some nice contract Ms. Hall is under with FOX because she is constantly humiliated and treated with disrespect on the Factor. An intervention is due. You can contact her through Carol M. Beach, Sr. Public Information Officer, Media Relations at American University
fax: 202-885-5959

And how 'bout that hypocrisy? "Folksy" everyman Bill O'Reilly, in his multi-million dollar waterfront home, reportedly makes $10 million a year from FOX News. He touts his ratings regularly, which are meaningless except to advertisers and cultists. For him to accuse anyone else, or another network, for broadcasting "for the money" is disengenuous at best - of course it's for the money, as it is at FOX, ABC, and CBS. Why does he think it's called "corporate media"? More paid character assassination by #1.