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Laura Ingraham Reveals Hidden Motivations of Hollywood and Hillary

Reported by Deborah - April 4, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham , self proclaimed wise woman of true American values, offered her theories tonight on the hidden motivations of both Hollywood film makers and Hillary Clinton. O'Reilly has reactivated his, Hollywood is anti-American, campaign so Ingraham was there to help convince viewers that those Hollywood types, unlike Republicans, hate America.

Ingraham said "Hollywood doesn't care" if they lose money making films like Redacted and Lions for Lambs because " they hate Bush". She theorized, " They're doing penance for the last seven years." She added that they're thinking globally with DVD sales because there's a "market for garbage overseas."

BOR asked if the movies damage us in other countries. Ingraham claimed the movies were "not helpful". Then she got on her, "I'm American but you're not", soapbox to preach, " We're in this (Iraq) until we win!" She note if all Americans joined together behind this sentiment, we would send a message to terrorists. (Translation: Vote for McCain) Unfortunately, she didn't explain how she defines a "win" in Iraq.

Naturally, BOR asked her about Hillary Clinton's campaign . Ingraham's theory was that although Clinton knows she can't win so she's staying in because she doesn't want ' the upstart young Senator" to win either. So Ingraham suggested that Hillary would turn on her party by supporting McCain just to keep Obama from winning.

The very next segment was about the Clinton's tax return. O'Reilly was very impressed with their large earnings and approved of their 10% donations. However, after he marveled at Bill Clinton's speaker fee income he cracked, " I wonder how much of that money is Arab?"