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Cavuto Says the Clintons "Tithed" 10% of Their Income to Charities

Reported by Melanie - April 4, 2008 -

Bill and Hillary Clinton released their tax returns just as Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, was going on the air today (April 4, 2008). Cavuto had fun reminding viewers throughout the hour — as he "dissected" the "data" (he being "the numbers guy" and all) — that between 2000 and 2007, the Clintons reported an income of $109 million. Cavuto also noted that they donated roughly 10% of their income to charities, which he referred repeatedly to as "tithing."

Tithing (tith•ing): In Western ecclesiastical law, the act of paying a percentage of one's income to further religious purposes.

Tithing is only used when referring to donations made to a church or religious institution, not generally, when referring to donations made to charities. Geez Neil. Enough with the religiosity already.