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Yo, Cavuto, the Answer is No

Reported by Melanie - April 3, 2008 -

Yesterday (April 2, 2008), Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, aired a segment featuring guest Margaret Hoover (yes, she's related) titled, per the chyron, "Are Dems Getting Tapped Out as Campaign Drags On?" It was about campaign fundraising and you could almost hear the Fox folks yelling in the background: Please say it's so!

Wrong again Neil. In February, John McCain raised $11 million (the most recent numbers we have). In March, Hillary Clinton raised $20 million and Barack Obama raised $40 million. Obama is just $25 million shy of the total funds your beloved George W. Bush raised during the entire 2004 campaign...and we've got months to go yet.

Neil, I know you want your audience to think that Democrats are nothing more that an itty bitty bunch of irritating pesky little ankle biters who are trying to keep your buds, the wise free marketeers from taking us into the light, but, do you have any pride?

Oh, and what about this: Business Donors Bypass McCain? That's a headline from the newspaper your freakin' boss owns. Ever read it?