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Trickle-down lies policy at FOX

Reported by Chrish - April 3, 2008 -

It starts at the very top: "It's very hard to be neutral. People laugh at us because we call ourselves 'Fair and Balanced.' Fact is, CNN, who's always been extremely liberal, never had a Republican or conservative voice on it. The only difference is that we have equal voices on both sides but that seems to have upset a lot of liberals. ... The more voices the better." Rupert Murdoch at Georgetown University's Gaston Hall, as live-blogged by "Patrick" at mediaBistro.http://www.newshounds.us/notsoliberal_liberals/

It's surprising to hear that the media mogul is unfamiliar with Robert Novak, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and William Bennett. CNN's anchors and reporters are more objective than FOX's, although they tend to parrot the conservative misinformation du jour almost as well as their compatriots at FOX. Murdoch's claim that FOX airs "equal" voices is rubbish - there are entire programs that are completely one-sided. (For example, O'Reilly had Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Dennis Miller and Mary Catherine Hamm on last night.) And we've documented thoroughly that FOX frequently has on guests who are weak liberals, always willing to stand down; Kirsten Powers was so good at getting along that she's become one of their most ubiquitous faces.

We laugh at you for lots more reasons than your ridiculous, transparent slogan. You're a joke.