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Studio B Cuts Off Democratic Guest With No Explanation

Reported by Donna - April 3, 2008 -

Today on Studio B they were talking about Hillary Clinton's having another 3 a.m. commercial and showed it. Well, to get her back, McCain ran a 3 a.m. political commercial that was virtually identical, only switching it around to him being the one who would answer the phone.. Is he having a problem with money that he can't come up with his own ideas for commercials?

Right after this segment they had Republican strategist, Andrea Tantaros and Democratic strategist, Bernard Whitman on to talk about the election.

Their talk was typical of the parties they support. Tantaros said that she thought the 3 a.m. commercial by John McCain was impressive and left nothing unturned. (Comment: This is so funny because it was a virtual copy of Hillary Clinton's commercial)

Whitman said it was good that Barack and Hillary had stopped going after each other and were going after John McCain.

Smith said they would have to go after each other with Pennsylvania coming up.

Whitman started to answer Smith when all of a sudden a commercial came on. No warning that a break was coming up or anything. This was at 3:21 p.m. est. Then, when they came back from break at 3:23 p.m. est Smith said nothing about cutting him off, just went on to something new.

Comment: An apology at least should be forthcoming from Shepard Smith. Why did they just cut off the Democratic strategist? With no explanation? Was something said? If he would have cut off the Republican would we have had an apology or explanation? No fair and balanced here.