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Reporter Max Blumenthal Expands On Hannity's Relationship With Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist

Reported by Ellen - April 3, 2008 -

The good folks at Buzzflash recently got an update from Max Blumenthal, author of the 2005 article in The Nation which originally broke the story about Sean Hannity's friendship with Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner. This is the same article which I and a secret accomplice have referenced in our recent efforts to spread the word about Hannity's racism. In the interview, Blumenthal elaborates and expands upon what he discovered about that relationship and the sly ways that Hannity used it to "outsource a lot of his racism to Turner."

Blumenthal also explained how playing the race card suits Hannity's current political goals:

I think what has happened with Jeremiah Wright is that, whatever you think of him, and however unfair the media has been to him, he has given the right a way to mobilize resentment against Barack Obama that they never had before, because he does have a long relationship with Barack Obama. He has been extremely important in Barack Obama's ascendancy. He is presented as the quintessential angry black man that the right wing loves to incite hatred against. So Sean Hannity is running with this as far as he can.