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Is Shepard Smith Being Racially Insensitive?

Reported by Donna - April 3, 2008 -

There was a segment today on Studio B with Shepard Smith that talked about a Chinese man who was convicted of spying on naval operations, ships and submarines. The man worked for a big company which they didn't disclose and they said he received 24 and 1/2 years in prison and a strong warning to China from the judge.

The man was convicted of espionage and the prosecutors said that he could be the 'perfect sleeper agent.' They didn't say any names during the segment but on the banner it said 3/09, Lan Lee and Yuefei Ge charged w/economic epionage.Then on the banner it said 3/7 Wavelab pleads guilty to illegally exporting amplifiers. (I was a little confused, I guess these were examples of other Chinese spies) They also had a banner that said 'U.S. Intel report in 2000: China intensified spying.' In 2000?! What has Bush done with the dozen or so Chinese spies charged this year?

What comes into question was the comment Shepard Smith made to former CIA agent Mike Baker and said, "Folks are working in a big company here in New York or San Francisco or anywhere, you look around and there happens to be someone of Chinese origin there and you start wondering."

Comments: First it was Muslims, now we're supposed to be suspicious of people of Chinese descent? It didn't sound right coming from an anchor person. And the former CIA agent, Baker laughed about the 24 1/2 year sentence and said," If you take him out back and shot him, that would send a message to China."

My goodness, where do they get these segments and these guests who suggest taking people out back and shooting them to send a message to China?

I think Smith should apologize for his remark because it came across as racially insensitive.