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Dick Morris says Democratic nomination process is over

Reported by Chrish - April 3, 2008 -

Fair and balanced and independent Bill O'Reilly had quite the line-up last night 4/2/08: Dick Morris, Karl Rove, and Dennis Miller. Morris was the sole guest for the so-called "Top Story," which was nothing more than his storyboard describing what he predicts will happen in the next 3 months within the Democratic Party. With video.

It's over, Morris declared.

Morris also predicted that "the five major leaders in the party, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and John Edwards," (don't anyone tell Harry Reid!) will probably get together after all the primaries are done (6/3) and tell the superdelegates to make a decision, encouraging them to rubberstamp the voters' delegates. That'll put Obama over, The Five will tell Clinton to withdraw, and all the delegates will rally 'round Obama.

The two agreed that although Obama has "weathered the storm" over his pastor, it will be an issue in the general, and the smearing meme talking point will be "lack of leadership" for not cutting the cord. Comment: Bill Maher makes an excellent point: these pundits who are calling for Obama to renounce his pastor are hypocrites, as they remained in their church (Catholic - notably O'Reilly and Hannity although there are plenty of others) throughout and beyond the priest molestation scandal. O'Reilly is doubly-hypocritical as he postures as an advocate for children, against sexual predators.)

Morris said that Obama would not choose Clinton as a running mate. Her voters will vote for Obama in the general election if he's the candidate, but not the other way around. But Gallup polling from last week asking specifically about those scenarios contradicts his claim: more Clinton supporters would vote for McCain (over Obama should he be the nominee) than Obama supporters would, should she be the nominee.

Clinton can't win and she's only staying in to raise money because at this point she's $15-18 million in the hole, to herself and vendors, and once she leaves the race she can no longer raise money. Obama, he suggests, can tap his 1,000,000 supporters and ask them to all send her $20 to help her out, when/if she withdraws. O'Reilly paraphrased it to sound like the candidates will cut a deal, with Obama agreeing to save her from financial ruin if she withdraws.
Morris also suggested that Clinton will have a difficult re-election to the Senate, should she not be the presidential candidate, because of a loss of support among "blacks," and Obama might offer to help her out in her re-election if she goes quietly into the night.

Predictions couched in hypotheticals based on personal animosity - now that's some spin!!